Cleaning Method Of Two-piece Ball Valve


After a period of use, some impurities tend to accumulate inside the valve. Especially in some pipelines where the medium is a mixture of solid and liquid or the medium has high viscosity, the accumulation rate of impurities inside the valve will be particularly fast. When we all clean the two-piece ball valve, what are the general cleaning methods for our two-piece ball valve?

For the two-piece ball valve, the cleaning process is much simpler than other valves. The reason is that the structure of the two-piece ball valve is relatively simple, that is, it is easier to disassemble and clean. During the cleaning process, the user only needs to flush it directly with a clean medium. Of course, considering the simple structure of the two-piece ball valve, the flushing force should not be too large to avoid damage.

Most two-piece ball valves are not connected by welding, that is, the two-piece ball valve can be disassembled from the pipeline for cleaning. Moreover, at the beginning of the design of the two-piece ball valve, for the sake of its performance, its internal components are relatively simple and the number is small.

When we all clean 2 Piece Ball Valve, we should follow the above cleaning method to operate, which is what we all need to do.

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