Temperature And Pressure Requirements For Three-piece Ball Valves


The nameplate of the three-piece ball valve shows the operating pressure allowed by the ball valve at the maximum and minimum operating temperatures. Using PTFE or RTFE valve seats and seals, the operating temperature of other types of valve seats and seals, and the nominal pressure rating (PN) of the three-piece ball valve can indicate the maximum working pressure of the valve under normal temperature conditions.
The three-piece ball valve is composed of three parts, the valve cover and the intermediate valve body. The three-piece ball valve is different from the two-piece ball valve and the one-piece ball valve in that it is easy to disassemble and repair.
The structure of the three-piece ball valve is very simple, and it is small in size, light in weight, reliable in sealing, small in fluid resistance, easy to operate, and very flexible in adjustment. It is convenient for remote control and convenient for later maintenance.
The outside of 3 Piece Ball Valve is mostly fixed by four bolts, which plays a good tightening role. The precision casting valve body can reach a pressure of 1000psi≈6.9MPa. For higher pressures, a forged valve body is required.

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